Workshops, Training and Seminars

Workshops, seminars and training

Nothing demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and people in your own organisation better than putting it to the test with seminars, workshops and training. Click the items to get more information

Training Courses

  1. Belbin Accreditation for Consultants
  2. Belbin Accreditation for HR Managers
  3. Interplace user training
  4. TRiNGiNE user training
  5. Job and Organisation Requirements and Matching training


  1. Belbin Team Roles, Personal Tests and Interplace
  2. Belbin Team Roles, Job Requirements, Recruitment Processes and the TRiNGiNE System


  1. Hands on Interplace
  2. Hands on job and organisation requirements and matching


We offer a range of options, depending on your circumstances. Contact us so that we can work out the best price for you!

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