Team Coaching for Performance

Team Coaching for Performance

When organisations put teams together there are usually expectations of what the team will contribute to the overall performance of the organisation. Sometimes a team is purely monitoring that "all is well" and has meetings to this end for instance once per week.
Sometimes a team is expected to solve a certain problem, advice on a situation or investigate the opportunity for innovation.
And then there are teams that need (to be able) to act fast, for instance in emergency situations or to get quick results.

Intuitively we all understand that these teams must be quite different. So for teams there is no "one size fits all" approach. Instead, we need to make sure that we appoint team members with appropriate talents and skills.

Team& I has developed methods and programs to:

  • Make the team assignment explicit - in other words make clear to the team what the organisation expects the team to do or to produce.
  • Help develop metrics that make it possible to objectively measure team performance
  • Analyse if the team composition is such that enough talents and skills are present to successfully "tackle" the team assignment
  • Determine whether the team needs formal or informal leadership. This, again, is very much dependent on what needs to be achieved (and how fast and with what quality), but sometimes also depends on the team composition
  • Work with the formal and/or informal leader to help develop the appropriate leadership style (see also Leadership Coaching)
  • Work with the team to determine what contributions can be expected from each of the members
  • Work with the team to develop the kind of "chemistry" that will optimise team performance (in other words: Team Building)
  • Work with each of the team members to help them deliver the appropriate contributions ( see also Personal Coaching)


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